Zero Latency, the global leader in immersive entertainment and creator of the largest free-roam VR network in the world, is expanding their ongoing partnership with VIVE, that delivers on the promise of VR with game-changing technology and best-in-class content, to support the first-ever worldwide VR competition, Champions of the Undead.

Champions of the Undead will be an epic battle across the Zero Latency community, where players will need to shoot zombies and score big in one of its most popular games, Undead Arena. Players can simply go to one of the 70+ Zero Latency venues worldwide, play a round of Undead Arena, and they’ll be able to compete to win. The top player from each region will be flown to Las Vegas for the Grand Final, where the highest-scoring zombie slayer will be crowned, receiving $15,000 USD prize money. Runners up will score a VIVE XR Elite worth $1,099 USD to continue exploring new possibilities at home.

Zero Latency has been rolling out its new platform over the past year, the HTC VIVE Focus 3. The technology uses an exclusive remote rendering stack and the latest 6E wireless technology to seamlessly stream 5K VR to up to 8 players simultaneously, delivering up to 16x performance over traditional all-in-one headsets. With no backpack computers, sensors, or other distractions, Zero Latency’s world-first platform offers players the deepest, most effortless immersive experience available today.

“Our partnership with VIVE over the past ten years has enabled us to implement game-changing technology that continues to innovate in the VR space,” said Scott Vandonkelaar, CTO at Zero Latency. “After the implementation of our latest next-generation platform release last year, The Champions of the Undead competition is just another step in our ongoing relationship with VIVE. We’re excited to create new thrilling experiences and continue to implement new features that aren’t possible on other platforms.

“The world needs a champion, and who better to find them than Zero Latency, which continues to push boundaries with immersive and memorable experiences,” said Thomas Dexmier, HTC VIVE ANZ – Country Manager. “VIVE Focus 3’s versatility and ease-of-use for free-roam VR, combined with Zero Latency has proven to be a winner. It’s exciting to be partnering for this epic competition on a global stage that hasn’t been seen before, showing our industry-leading technology to players worldwide.”

The Champions of the Undead competition will run from Thursday 10th August 2023 to Wednesday 6th September 2023. The Grand Final will take place on Thursday 5th October 2023 in Las Vegas. The highest score from each Regional Leaderboard will be flown to Las Vegas for the Grand Final with a more challenging bespoke version of Undead Arena filled with even more zombies. The winner of this epic Grand Final will receive $15,000 USD.

Runners up will score a VIVE XR Elite worth $1,099 USD to continue exploring new possibilities at home. VIVE XR Elite is a powerful, convertible, and lightweight XR headset that conforms to you. Offering both the untethered freedom of all-in-one XR and the power of PC VR through wireless streaming.

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