South Korea’s Mohegan INSPIRE Entertainment Resort is Live with State-of-the-Art Property Management and Point-of-Sale Hospitality Software Solutions from Agilysys


16 mins ago


March 19, 2024

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Agilysys Inc., a leading global provider of hospitality software solutions and services, announced that it has successfully implemented multiple state-of-the-art hospitality solutions on a unified cloud-based platform to optimise operations across Mohegan INSPIRE Entertainment Resort, South Korea’s largest entertainment-integrated resort destination.

Multiple Agilysys hospitality technology solutions designed to work together to deliver operational efficiency and analytical insights will drive enhanced revenue opportunities and enable superior experiences for staff and guests, all with the scale and flexibility required to serve the expansive and diverse entertainment-integrated resort property. Agilysys PMS and POS solutions began supporting hotel and food & beverage operations at the property in December 2023 and expanded to support both gaming and non-gaming patrons when the property’s casino opened on February 3. Agilysys “serious about service” implementation experts have worked alongside the INSPIRE team to configure and deploy these solutions to meet the exacting standards required to support this new-generation resort.

In addition to Agilysys PMS and Agilysys POS, Agilysys solutions for booking, dining reservations, service management, mobile food & beverage ordering and document imaging are live. Agilysys solutions for mobile check-in and check-out and to manage loyalty and promotions are in the process of being deployed soon.

John Ware, Vice President, Global IT Services and Support for Mohegan – which owns, develops and operates Mohegan INSPIRE in South Korea along with seven other premiere entertainment-integrated resorts in North America – said: “Agilysys has a long track record of implementing integrated hospitality technology on a grand scale. I expect that these solutions will allow us to understand each guest at an individual level and engage each of them in a personalized way throughout their stay. I would also like to appreciate Agilysys for working with us in ways that honor the sovereignty and cultural values of the Mohegan Tribe.”

Agilysys President and CEO Ramesh Srinivasan said: “Taking such a broad array of solutions – including our modern state-of-the-art PMS platform – live at the scale and diversity INSPIRE Korea requires marks a meaningful milestone for Agilysys in the Asia-Pacific region. INSPIRE Korea creates marvelous, unforgettable experiences for guests of all generations and from all corners of the world. We are honored to have Agilysys technology underlying this property’s top-notch, high-touch hospitality while also supporting the operational efficiency and revenue-per-guest insights essential to achieving its mission of ‘Inspiring Worlds, Inspiring People’.”

Mr. Srinivasan continued: “We look forward to continuing to serve INSPIRE Korea as the organization executes its impressive plans for elevating and transforming hospitality for guests from around the world.”

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GRID and Ubisoft Launch the First-ever Rainbow 6 Siege Data Portal


19 mins ago


March 19, 2024

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GRID, the in-game data platform working with game publishers and developers, and Ubisoft, global games publisher behind Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, have announced the release of the Rainbow Six Siege Data Portal (R6DP), the first-ever data portal for R6 Esports professional teams. The portal will be available for professional teams in the BLAST R6 esports ecosystem, free of charge, in the coming weeks.

Last year, the two companies signed a multi-year deal, making GRID the first and exclusive Esports Data Platform for Rainbow Six Esports. This agreement enabled the ecosystem’s inaugural access to official data assets for commercial partners at the 2023 BLAST R6 Atlanta Major.

The R6DP provides esports teams with a new automated platform allowing them to access data events from official esports matches. R6DP features include: an analytics console, downloadable data files in GRID Format, documentation, tutorials and provides full user support.

The R6DP allows teams to easily search, query, filter or download data from matches to enable data-driven talent evaluation, strategy analysis and more. The system is easy-to-use, enables fully-automated ingestion and allows private data access through a secure application-based user interface.

Moritz Mauer, Founder & CEO of GRID, said: “Rainbow Six Siege is such a highly tactical game where in-game data access is critical for teams to employ the best strategies. We’re proud to be partnered with Ubisoft on their journey to create incredible esports experiences and provide technology to enhance the competition through access to the official match data for their professional teams.”

David Parent, Senior Manager, Global Esports Business Development at Ubisoft, said: “Providing our professional teams with access to accurate, reliable data is a key step towards building a data-driven ecosystem for R6 Esports. We’re thrilled to partner with GRID on the establishment of official BLAST R6 data assets and we can’t wait to see our professional teams use the R6 Siege Data Portal to elevate their play.”

The announcement comes on the back of the record-breaking success of the Six Invitational in Sâo Paulo last month. The teams will get access to R6DP during the Stage 1 of the R6 2024 Season, leading into the upcoming R6 Manchester Major, May 16-26.


Can’t get no satisfaction – Q&A w/ Mateja Popovic CEO at Fincore


20 mins ago


March 19, 2024

Reading Time: 3 minutes

This is an industry where customer loyalty can be hard to come by, but is this because online sportsbook and casino operators are failing to meet player expectations? Mateja Popovic at Fincore believes so, but suggests that operators can mitigate churn simply by understanding what the customer’s next move will be before they do.

Player satisfaction and loyalty remain a challenge for many online sportsbooks and casinos. Why do you think this is the case?

The vast majority of online sportsbooks and casinos are yet to offer a truly personalised experience for each player. This means they are not meeting expectations, and this is why many players are tempted to try other brands. As a result, operators are spending to acquire players that quickly churn which means they are not maximising the full lifetime value of each player. Operators only have a small window of time in which to prove to the player they offer the experience they are seeking, and many brands simply fail to impress from when the player signs up, deposits and makes their first spin, to when they decide to try another site, sometimes just a day or so later.

Does this mean that operators need to find a way to predict player preferences so they can be sure to meet them?

Yes, operators need to know the customer’s next move before they do. This is the only way to deliver the right thing (odds, slots, promotions, interactions) at the right point in the user journey and at the right time. By doing this, operators can bring tremendous value and ensure the player experience is so good they will not want to switch to a rival brand because of a sign-up bonus – the operator will already be delivering tailored bonuses when the player expects them. It is how streaming platforms such as Netflix work, serving up content it knows you will want to watch so that you spend more time watching its movies and TV shows.

Is it actually possible for operators to be able to know a customer’s move before they do?

Absolutely. Operators generate a huge volume of raw data and cutting-edge platforms that use machine learning and AI, such as Fincore’s Tri, can translate this information into easy-to-understand narratives that can be instantly actioned. This gives operators a deep insight into expected player behaviour, from the likelihood they will churn to the probability they will be a VIP player. The process is real time and can be fully automated, throwing messages directly to the player on the site. Operators can use this information to personalise the player experience – unlocking the highest lifetime value from each player – and to also drive efficiencies when it comes to streamlining marketing – there’s no point in offering big bonuses to a player that is highly likely to churn – and more.

What are the advantages of being able to precisely calculate the player’s lifetime value?

There are so many upsides. By modelling player behaviour quickly, operators can determine whether a player is showing signs of leaving the brand. They can then either decide to elevate the experience that the player is receiving through targeted promotions and content or, if they are highly likely to switch alliances, use that budget on a player that is much less likely to churn or that has been identified as being a high roller. Operators can incur significant costs through undesired player behaviour, but by taking a look into the future thanks to the power of data, operators can cut back spending on “red flag” customers and invest more in those that show the characteristics of being loyal. We have helped one operator save more than €1.4m while increasing their revenue in 2023 with this method.

Does this combination of data, machine learning and AI also allow operators to identify VIP players?

Data combined with machine learning and AI can spot VIP player characteristics very early in their lifecycle with a brand, giving a probability score as to whether the player will become a genuine high-roller or not. Operators can use this insight to deliver a VIP experience to the player with confidence they will generate a positive return. Most operators generate the majority of their revenues from VIP players, so it’s vital that high rollers can be identified early so that operators can roll out the red carpet and ensure they remain loyal to their brand.

Personalisation seems to be the key to meeting player expectations so how does being able to accurately predict player behaviour help operators achieve this?

Consumers expect a personalised experience when engaging with an entertainment option and online casinos and sportsbooks must get better at doing this. With our platform, personalisation can be deep, including pushing particular sports, markets and odds for bettors and casino games for slot players. Bonuses can also be personalised – perhaps the player enjoys table games more than they do slots, so a table games bonus would add true value to their play. This would not be possible without understanding what the player is looking for before they know, and this is why it’s the key to unlocking true personalisation.