Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) selects The Unit to drive social media and fan engagement

Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) selects The Unit to drive social media and fan engagement


The Unit, a leader in nearshore product development for sports betting and igaming, has announced its latest innovative partnership via an ongoing social media sponsorship agreement with Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), the professional wrestling promotion which is currently the subject of the popular Netflix docuseries, Wrestlers.

Under the terms of the partnership, The Unit will help design and develop a range of intuitive customer-engagement tools – e.g. free-to-play (F2P) games – for OVW’s loyal and growing fanbase which will power upcoming social media campaigns and inform OVW’s social strategy.

The breakthrough deal provides another high-profile example of The Unit’s adaptable expertise and digital skill sets which are successfully operating at the intersection of sports, media, betting and igaming companies. Its recent work has featured varied projects with familiar names such as Sky Sports News Ireland and Dundalk FC closer to its home base. This growing scope, outside its foundational betting roots, into the wider entertainment industry underscores The Unit’s ability to connect with more mainstream audiences and responsibly educate and introduce them to the value and highly-social nature of, for example, fan engagement products and strategies.

For its part, fresh from securing a second season of its Netflix series, OVW is looking to capitalize on a thriving community of new and existing fans via an innovative portfolio of high-class digital assets which will drive fan engagement and online dwell-time, as it bids to recapture its status as the natural habitat and training ground for pro wrestling, affording its fans a first glimpse of the sport’s emerging stars via compelling physical storytelling.

The Unit has built a reputation as a world-class service provider for the sports betting and igaming sector across global markets over the past six years, working to both niche and expansive remits from its growing group of international clients. The team continues to specialise in developing products across a range of industry domains, including Sports, Casino, F2P and Gamification Platforms.

Al Snow, Co-Owner and Head Trainer at OVW, said: “We’ve spent years growing OVW into something special and my goal was always to make us a worldwide brand. This partnership with The Unit is the next step in that process. Partnering with an organization that has the global reach and respect of The Unit will only continue to grow our momentum and push us further into the global mainstream! We’re excited to get rolling with this new relationship with the heavyweight champion of software development!”

Bryan Kennison, Lead Commentator for OVW, commented: “It’s a very exciting time at OVW and I’m thrilled for us to be partnering with The Unit! OVW thrives off passion and creativity, which The Unit has in spades! There’s no telling what’s next for this new unbeatable tag team!”

David Reilly, Head of Social Media and Content at The Unit, added: “As Al Snow said himself: OVW develops the best superstars, The Unit develops the best software. And I’m certainly not about to argue with a former professional wrestling legend! Will thrilled to have secured this social media sponsorship. It’s the platform for an ongoing working relationship that can help both partners showcase our skills and creativity to best effect.

“We’re always on the lookout for opportunities that align with our vision of innovation and creativity. This decision was naturally influenced by watching the Netflix series Wrestlers, just witnessing the dedication, creativity, and sheer talent at OVW was a real eye-opener.

“In a world where sports sponsorships often lack depth and imagination, partnering with OVW feels like a breath of fresh air. It’s about more than just putting our name out there; it’s about supporting a team that embodies passion and shares our values around innovation and social engagement.

“The series showed us the heart and soul behind OVW, and we’re thrilled to align with a team that has such an authentic story. Bryan, Al and the team at OVW with their extraordinary dedication, have been pivotal in shaping this vision. We’re here to be a part of something truly unique and inspiring. We believe that this partnership will set a new standard for what sports sponsorships can be – full of creativity, substance, and real connection.”

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