Praxis Cements Partnership with Gaming Software Giant, SoftSwiss


Praxis is pleased to announce its latest partnership with the software development gaming giant, SOFTSWISS. As an omni-channel gateway provider, Praxis Tech’s extensive portfolio of PSPs and unrivaled cashier promises to ensure extensive global scaling opportunities for SOFTSWISS. Thus opening the door to multiple new markets through payments.

As an innovative developer of iGaming products for online casinos, sports betting and beyond, SOFTSWISS has a plethora of dynamic clients requiring bespoke payment services on a grand scale. In an effort to streamline the user-journey while increasing approval rates and revenue generation, SoftSwiss partnered with Praxis Tech; the logical choice.

After the initial onboarding procedure, taking a mere 3 hours, SOFTSWISS was able to roll out Praxis Tech’s solution to its 300+ clients, thereby giving access to a network of 510+ PSPs and over 1000 APMs, all accessible through Praxis’ entirely customizable cashier.

Praxis’ CSO, Natalie Agopian, stepped in to explain that “we make every effort to ensure we’re a reliable partner in every way. We’re able to cater to SOFTSWISS’ need for a fast turnaround time – especially when it comes to enabling PSPs at short notice and during off-peak hours. We pride ourselves on our personal service and are very much looking forward to continuing expanding our cooperation with the SOFTSWISS team.”

Vadim Drozd, Chief PSP Officer at SOFTSWISS explained that “Praxis’ 24/7 support team assisted us at every stage of the setup and was open to our requests and needs. The whole process was transparent and convenient.”

He went on to say that “The Praxis team goes above and beyond when it comes to technical support. They are truly experienced advisers in the field of payment processing and that is very valuable for SOFTSWISS.”

Visit Praxis Tech to find out about other integrations in place and to learn more about how to Power Your Payments.

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