Altenar Partners Its Award-Winning Sportsbook With Bettis Player-Tailored Casino


Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, has recently partnered with Betti, who creates the Casino experience players deserve.

Melding Bettis secure payment methods, a tailor-made casino promotion tool, and player promotions with Altenars risk management systems, several data feed providers, a plethora of sports content and 24/7 customer support players of Bettis Altenar-powered sportsbook will receive a tier-one betting experience.

Altenar looks forward to the growing relationship with Betti and the new heights soon to be reached.

A spokesperson from Betti had this to say on the partnership: “We ended up with Altenar as our Sportsbook provider after months of comparison. What it came down to was the current feature offering within their product but also, most importantly, we felt Altenars ambition and future plans are in-line with where we want to see Betti Sportsbook in the future.”

Speaking with Betti, Altenar was offered great insight into the partnership, history and benefits of this new relationship, here’s what a spokesperson for Betti had to say …

Can you give us some background information/company history on Betti?

The people behind have been in the industry since 2004-6 with backgrounds from major players like Bet365, Betsson and Comeon in roles such as Brand Manager, Head of Casino and Head of Sportsbook. We are a close group of friends that felt we are ready to take the step to run our own business, and in the summer of 2021 we started our journey towards going live. Now finally we are live and slowly finding our ways forward.

What is Betti’s core expertise, and what do they offer?

This question could be asked by a player, or by a investor =) As you know, the difference between running a profitable company and not is not always visible actions. But for players in an elevator pitch I would say –

Based on who we are (we are and love gambling) and the experience we have, our core expertise is to know what the player wants and when, together with delivering it in an innovative way. Working with platfroms such as Altenar you must be creative to stand out. Betti will always strive to stand out, in all ways, every step on the way.

What will the partnership look like once it’s live? (i.e. how will both be integrated together?)

I see our partnership as a close relationship where we at Betti will trust the work on developments and risk monitoring to have the right decisions and priorities. And at the same time as Betti grows, Altenar will evaluate any feature requests or change requests coming in from our side. Bottom line you could say, we feel safe with making sure that if we bring in the traffic, Altenar’s traders and their system will make sure we both see great ROI.

What are the key benefits of the partnership for Altenar and Betti?

Not sure I understand the question. But the way I understand it my answer would be: Betti is a startup and we will need time to become the size we aim for, which is perfectly fitting in with the Altenar offering and current position in the industry.

What are the benefits for the players?

At Betti we offer several ongoing campaigns for our sportsbetting players. All because of Altenar’s excellent product. Some of the offerings are;

Free bets, Risk Free Bets, Predictor challenge, Early Payout, Bore Draw and Bet Builder

Which core markets will this partnership focus on?

To start we are focusing on Nordics and Germany.

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