UEFA and Sportradar Extend and Expand Partnership to Continue Providing Bettors and Fans with Unparalleled, Innovative Engagement

UEFA and Sportradar Extend and Expand Partnership to Continue Providing Bettors and Fans with Unparalleled, Innovative Engagement

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Unveiling the Thrills: Top Progressive Jackpot Games at PokieSurf Casino


41 mins ago


July 11, 2024

Reading Time: 3 minutes

If you’re on a quest for that life-changing win, PokieSurf Casino might just be your golden ticket. Known for its dazzling array of online slots, this casino excels at delivering high-octane jackpot adventures. Interested in turning the dream of an instant fortune into reality? Start exploring at online pokies real money, where the jackpot chasers congregate for their shot at the stars.

In our last article we were discussing the best progressive jackpot pokies.

We delved deeper into this exhilarating world in our previous article on how to play online slots. Now, let’s switch gears to focus specifically on PokieSurf’s jackpot offerings. This casino isn’t just another platform; it’s a treasure trove of the most coveted progressive jackpot games in the online gambling realm. Here’s why you should be spinning their reels.

Why PokieSurf Jackpots? The Allure of Big Wins

At PokieSurf, the jackpot collection is curated to cater to all types of players, from newbies testing their luck to seasoned veterans strategizing for the big payout. Here’s what makes their jackpot selection stand out:

  • Variety is King: From classic three-reel progressives to multi-reel video slots, diversity rules.
  • Quality Providers: Only the best games from top developers like NetEnt and Microgaming grace the lobby.
  • Lucrative Payouts: Some of the biggest jackpot wins have been recorded right here at PokieSurf.

PokieSurf has carefully selected a suite of progressive jackpot games that not only offer massive payouts but also feature engaging gameplay and stunning graphics. The casino partners with industry-leading software providers to ensure that each game delivers a top-notch gaming experience. Whether you are drawn to the vibrant themes of ancient civilizations, the exciting quests of adventure slots, or the classic feel of traditional fruit machines, there is a jackpot game at PokieSurf designed to meet your tastes and interests.

Spotlight on Top Progressive Slots at PokieSurf

Explore the most popular progressive slots at PokieSurf through the detailed table below:

Game Name Provider Theme Key Features
Mega Moolah Microgaming African Safari 4-tier jackpot system with a guaranteed minimum payout of $1 million for the Mega tier.
Major Millions Microgaming Military Simple 15-payline setup with significant jackpots usually hitting above $500,000.
Arabian Nights NetEnt Arabian Desert Consistent jackpot payouts and immersive theme.

These games are just a taste of the thrilling jackpot experiences awaiting at PokieSurf. Each game offers unique themes and enormous potential payouts that could change your life in an instant.

Insider Tips on Winning Big at PokieSurf

While luck is the undisputed king in the world of progressive jackpots, a few strategies can enhance your chances of hitting it big:

  • Play Maximum Bets: Often, to trigger the full jackpot, the max bet is required.
  • Know the RTP and Volatility: Higher RTP and lower volatility might mean better odds of winning smaller amounts more frequently.
  • Stay Informed: Keep tabs on which games are hot and have recently paid out.

Understanding these strategies and how to apply them can significantly impact your jackpot hunting success at PokieSurf. It’s not just about spinning; it’s about spinning smart.

A Closer Look at Jackpot Winners

Hearing about winners can be just as thrilling as playing. At PokieSurf, jackpot stories abound, with wins that not only create instant millionaires but also life-changing experiences. These tales of luck and fortune underline the potential of every spin to become a major payday.

New Additions and Future Prospects

PokieSurf is constantly expanding its jackpot offerings with new and exciting games. Here’s what’s new and what to watch for:

  • Newest Jackpot Slots: Recently added games that are already getting attention for their innovative features and hefty payout potential.
  • Upcoming Releases: Anticipated titles set to launch soon, promising more opportunities for massive wins.

Keeping an eye on new additions and future releases can give you an edge, as these games often come with promotional events that increase your chances of winning.

Engaging With the Community

PokieSurf isn’t just a place to play; it’s a community to join. Participating in forums and chat rooms can provide valuable insights into which jackpot games are currently hot or overdue for a big payout. Plus, it’s always more fun to chase those colossal wins with fellow enthusiasts cheering you on.


PokieSurf Casino holds the keys to a kingdom of jackpot slots, each more enticing than the last. With top titles from renowned developers, a community of like-minded jackpot hunters, and continuous updates to the game library, your next spin at PokieSurf could be the one that changes everything. Ready to take a chance and possibly write your own jackpot-winning story? The progressive jackpots at PokieSurf are waiting for your daring play. Spin, win, and maybe, just maybe, your dreams will align with reality.


GALAXSYS and PIN-UP PARTNERS Unveil an Exclusive New Game


1 hour ago


July 11, 2024

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Galaxsys and PIN-UP PARTNERS have collaborated to launch a new exclusive turbo game – Hamster Mania.

Galaxsys, a pioneering gaming studio, continues to deliver exceptional gaming experiences with its latest collaboration with PIN-UP Partners to launch Hamster Mania.

Hamster Mania, a fun and user-friendly turbo game, offers players a straightforward and engaging gaming experience. The objective is to secure the highest possible winnings by tapping on the hamster character within a circular frame, earning odds with each tap. Unlike traditional turbo games, players place bets directly on the hamster, with winnings displayed instantly. The game features multiple difficulty levels, affecting both risk and potential rewards.

Hayk Sargsyan, Chief Executive Officer of Galaxsys, expressed his enthusiasm about the launch of Hamster Mania. He commented, “We are always innovating and collaborating, and this time, we’ve teamed up with PIN-UP Partners to bring a unique offering to the industry. Our teams have worked closely together to ensure seamless integration and make this collaboration truly exceptional.”

The PIN-UP Partners team is also very excited about the upcoming launch of Hamster Mania. They commented, “At PIN-UP Partners we always strive to offer our affiliates and partners the best and most exciting developments in the industry to take their revenues and profits to the next level. We deliver outstanding results and foster stronger partnerships through innovation, transparency and expertise. By supporting and partnering with companies like GALAXSYS, we stay at the forefront of the industry with unique games and the best offers for our affiliates.”

Hamster Mania will be available exclusively at PIN-UP for the first two months following its launch, before becoming accessible to all network partners. More information about the game will be presented during the iGB Live event in Amsterdam.

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BF Games reveals new brand visual identity


2 hours ago


July 11, 2024

Reading Time: < 1 minute

BF Games, a leading game development studio known for its portfolio of over 100 unique games featuring stunning graphics, has announced a refresh of its visual identity.

While the company name remains unchanged, BF Games has revitalized its logo and overall visual communication.  The familiar yellow accents remain, but the focus has shifted to a more readable logo design, making it easier for viewers and partners to recognize and use, ensuring a more impactful presence.

The new look will be visible starting July 11th  across various platforms, including the company’s website, social media channels, and within the games themselves, where the new logo will be featured in game loaders.

Radosław Biernat, Head of Marketing at BF Games, said “We are excited to present the new look of BF Games. We decided it was time to refresh our logo to align with the amazing new games and features we’ve rolled out in recent months.”

The updated branding will also be prominently showcased at the upcoming iGB Amsterdam event from July 16-19, where BF Games will participate. They will present their top production, such as Raiders of the North, and showcase the new look of their brand.