Peter & Sons Announce New Partnership with Relax Gaming as Latest Powered by Relax Partner

Peter & Sons Announce New Partnership with Relax Gaming as Latest Powered by Relax Partner

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Within 1 year since its UK registration (July 6th, 2023), Paysecure is proud to announce its financial growth, strategic partnerships, community engagement, and employee retention.

Since Q1 2023, Paysecure has been dedicated to enhancing its services portfolio on the long-term, driven by ongoing initiatives such as friction-free integrations with over 500 payment solution providers, intelligent routing and analytics, or incorporating local alternative payment methods like Pix in Brazil, Interac in Canada, Open Banking in Europe, Poli in New Zealand, mobile payments and eWallets in Africa, as well as bank-to-bank transfers, UPI, and many more.

Efforts also include expanding into new markets and forging strategic client collaborations and partnerships via affiliate programs and development for consultants and freelancers. On July 6th, Paysecure celebrated its first year since its UK registration.

“2023 marked the start of an extraordinary journey for us. With a strong focus on our goals, in just one year, we’ve grown into a global tech-powered payments company, not just a PSP. We set out to build a fintech company, so we’ve developed a multi-layer product, including payments orchestration, lending services through our amazing partnership with a55, cards and APM processing, licenses, and bank accounts solutions. We’ve expanded our portfolio beyond iGaming to various global industries and hundreds of clients and managed to reach new territories in a short amount of time. Southeast Asia, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Egypt, Australia and New Zealand are just a few regions where our partners benefit from Paysecure’s solutions. Although our expansion plans are ambitious, I am so proud of our team’s achievements and the current rapid growth”, Amit Hooja, CEO of Paysecure, reflecting on their growth.

Market presence and expansion

Paysecure started its activity in the global iGaming market, but the company now boasts active operations across 7 distinct industries (eCommerce, exchange and forex, sports betting and gambling, adult entertainment, online dating, and marketplaces). Geographically, Paysecure has established a global footprint, offering comprehensive coverage even in exotic jurisdictions. The company’s presence spans across continents, with local teams strategically positioned in Latin America (e.g., Brazil), the Middle East (e.g., Dubai), and all over Europe, ensuring robust support and localized expertise.

In regions like Europe and Australia, Paysecure has achieved double-digit growth. The company has showcased ongoing presence in emerging markets such as Egypt, Ghana, and Nigeria in Africa, as well as India in South Asia. Key completions of their projects include solutions for global card payment processing, Interac in Canada, Pix and lending services for SMEs in Brazil, Poli in New Zealand, FawryPay in Egypt, mobile payments and eWallets in Africa including Secure EFT (Electron Funds Transfer through Bank Redirects) in South Africa.

Ongoing projects focus on enhancing bank transfers and adoption of Open Banking apps in Southeast Asia and Europe, UPI integration in India, and on-ramp solutions in Europe. Progressing in the execution of their strategic plan for market engagement and adoption, the company has a penetration rate worldwide that stands at 55% for its APM solutions (alternative payment methods) – being active in over 100 countries. In addition, Paysecure has a penetration rate of 100% for cards processing solutions, being active in all 195 countries worldwide.

Although Paysecure has 3 main headquarters in the UK, India, and Romania, team members work remotely from various locations, ensuring a truly global operational reach. The UK and India teams recently moved into new offices, reflecting the company’s commitment to providing a dynamic and collaborative work environment.

Capital highlights, funding rounds, and investments

Paysecure Group includes:

  • Paysecure UK,
  • Paysecure India (Netgraph Networking), and
  • a55.

The company has made notable strides in expanding its financial footprint, particularly with the strategic integration of a55. The agreement was signed in May 2024, and it aims to revolutionize banking services for SMEs by facilitating seamless integration with banks and PSPs in the region. Since January 2024, this partnership has already processed transactions exceeding R$ 25 million.

As part of the strategic alliance, Paysecure has made a direct investment in a55, acquiring a significant share of the company’s capital. While the specifics of the investment remain confidential, this expansion solidifies Paysecure’s presence in the industry, enabling it to capture an ever-growing market share. With its rapid growth, the company is confident that this is just the beginning.

Unique features and digital innovations

Paysecure’s growth is driven by its robust IT development department, dynamic Sales & Marketing teams, and innovative Product team. These 3 divisions play a pivotal role in the company’s ability to process more than several million transactions per week, driving a minimum of 40% monthly growth in transaction volume spread across Paysecure’s diverse product portfolio monthly. With a platform capacity supporting 5,000 transactions per second, over 200 payment methods, 100+ pay-out solutions, and more than 180 currencies under its belt, Paysecure enables merchants to reach no less than 75% acceptance rate against the market benchmark of 80%.

Paysecure helps merchants achieve this high acceptance rate through a unique User Trust Score system which provides a comprehensive understanding of users and routes transactions based on trust levels. By considering chargeback scores, reference checks, payment history, device fingerprint assessments, card characteristics, and more via this tool, merchants can allow higher transaction levels based on trustworthiness, increase the longevity of their payment process, and enable better control over chargebacks and fraud.

The company’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards is reflected in its certifications, which include PCI DSS Level 1, GDPR, ISO 27001 – 2022, and the Data Protection Registration Certificate. This enables Paysecure to offer chargeback rates below the industry average of 0.50%.

The team’s solution is fully whitelabeled, allowing businesses to brand and customize the platform according to their needs. Paysecure supports the majority of eCommerce platforms with user-friendly plugins that facilitate payment integration for any WordPress, Shopify, Magento, or WooCommerce shop.

Another unique feature of Paysecure is its Analytical Report, which analyzes granular payment data to unveil inefficiencies in processing. This report includes various filters, such as Advanced ones, and Error Decision Making features, enabling clients to make informed decisions based on error responses from payment gateways.

Active partnerships and customer retention

“Loyalty and building long-term relationships with clients, partners, and employees are the cornerstone of our success. We focus on trust and customer satisfaction, and this is why we are committed to delivering exceptional payment solutions through one single innovative, secure, and user-friendly platform. Firstly, we wanted to help merchants seamlessly orchestrate their payments, so our goal was to introduce our platform to as many industries as possible. Strategically, we are currently targeting three main markets: Southeast Asia, Africa, and LATAM, as we see immense potential. As a result, the transaction volumes we process per week are rapidly growing, with an increase rate of 40% per month. Also, via our recent investment in a55 and solid partnerships in Africa and Asia, we are confident Paysecure will address significant client issues in the coming year. Our team’s growth and dedication are a source of immense pride, and each member is the reason for our wonderful growth. We’re a global team and despite differences in region, time zones, and different capabilities, we have cultivated a sense of unity and a strong workplace culture. Reflecting on our one-year journey, it is incredible to see how instrumental our team has been in shaping Paysecure into the innovative, customer-focused company it is today”, Viktoriia Dektyareva, CCO of Paysecure.

Paysecure currently serves hundreds of active clients, with a customer retention rate of 100%, surpassing the industry average of 78%, according to market research. Among Paysecure’s customers are notable international companies such as Quickbit, Bridgerpay, Corefy, Choice Pay, Payadmit and many more. The team has also achieved excellent customer retention through its partners, due to a unique business-use approach to allocating substantial efforts in building strong collaborations and to helping solve payment problems.

The company’s Partner Affiliate Program extends opportunities to payment consultants, agencies, advisors, legal firms, media partners, and eCommerce platforms. This program simplifies payment management through a unified payment orchestration platform, offering new income opportunities for anyone with a relevant business network searching for trusted payment processing solutions.

In addition, Paysecure is committed to fostering community initiatives for developers. The company has allocated a percentage of its annual budget to R&D, continuous innovations, and active engagements in the open-source development community through hackathons, campus events, industry gatherings, and more.

Team, community, and employee loyalty

Paysecure’s workforce is divided into 2 main sectors: a technical team based in India and a global non-technical team encompassing marketing, sales, account management, product team, and HR. The non-technical team members are located in various countries including Romania, the UK, Denmark, Brazil, Mexico, Dubai, Nigeria, and Lithuania.
The technical team in India consists of 23 members, with 6 departures in the past year, resulting in a retention rate of approximately 74%. The global team has 17 members, with 3 departures in the last 6 months, leading to a retention rate of roughly 82%. Paysecure’s job offer acceptance rate stands at 100%, significantly higher than the international payments market average of 73%.

Paysecure has adopted a flexibility-centered approach, allowing employees to choose their preferred work environment, whether from home or the office, aligning with their personal preferences and requirements. This policy aims to enhance employee satisfaction and productivity.

Focusing on boosting wellbeing and employee retention, the company has been honored with the Culture100 Awards. This accolade was awarded to 100 out of 1200+ UK companies that show their commitment to being a “People First” organization, fostering a positive, engaging, inclusive, and motivating workplace culture.

Outlook on future growth

Looking ahead to 2024, Paysecure is focused on launching innovative payment solutions, expanding into new markets, and growing its client portfolio.

Throughout the year, Paysecure has attended significant industry events such as Fispal Tecnologia in São Paulo, the Perú Gaming Show, Pay360, SBC Summit Rio, BiS SiGMA Americas, ICE 2024, and SiGMA World Eurasia in Dubai. These events provided valuable industry insights, enhanced networking opportunities, and allowed Paysecure to showcase its solutions to a broader audience.

By the end of 2024, Paysecure plans to continue its presence at key industry events including iGB Live Amsterdam, engage in webinars, and participate in discussions with various industry players. The focus will be on forging new connections, bringing value to clients, and investing in community development projects. Additionally, Paysecure aims to grow its team and further invest in innovative solutions to maintain its competitive edge.