ComeOn! signs Hollywood star Jeremy Piven to feature in exciting new campaign

ComeOn! signs Hollywood star Jeremy Piven to feature in exciting new campaign

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Daniela Forsgård returns to Paf as a Member of the board


45 mins ago


June 20, 2024

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Daniela Forsgård joins Paf as a new Member of the board, succeeding Birgitta Eriksson who has held the position for many years. She joins Paf from Optinova, where she served as Chief Financial Officer (CFO), but she began her career at Paf as Group Controller in 2007. The following year she became Paf’s Head of Finance.

“It feels great to be back, it almost seems unreal,” says Daniela Forsgård, Member of the board.

She worked as Head of Finance at Paf for six years before being recruited by the Optinova Group. At Optinova, Daniela worked as CFO for nearly a decade before deciding to start her own business. Today, Daniela Forsgård works as a CFO consultant.

“Paf has changed and it is not the same company it was ten years ago, but the market is not the same either. It will be interesting to sit on the board and see how Paf operates today”

Paf’s strengths are clarity and honesty

With extensive experience from international companies, group management roles and finance, Daniela looks forward to tackling new challenges.

“It’s impressive to see how well prepared Paf has become to enter various markets. Paf’s strengths are clarity and honesty. It is an experienced company, and we will ensure that we are also financially prepared for a licensed Finnish market,” says Daniela Forsgård.

As CFO at Optinova, she also served as the board’s secretary and worked closely with Paf’s current Chairman of the Board, Jan-Mikael von Schantz, when he was chairman of Optinova.

“I appreciate Jan-Mikael’s approach of working on boards, so the decision was easy when I was asked if I was interested in a board position at Paf.”
“I look forward to meeting both new and familiar faces at Paf,” says Daniela Forsgård.

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MightyTips to speak at SBC Tbilisi 2024


57 mins ago


June 20, 2024

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MightyTips Communications and Marketing Manager Eugene Ravdin will speak at the premier sports betting conference for Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

MightyTips will be heading to the SBC Tbilisi 2024 summit at the Sheraton Grand Tbilisi Metechi Palace, which takes place on 25-26 June in the Georgian capital.

Boasting over 20 years of producing high-level sports content across various platforms, Eugene Ravdin will speak as part of the “NextGen Affiliate: New Trends & Marketing Evolution” panel.

The discussion will examine the latest trends and content strategies in affiliate marketing. The panel will address key topics and pertinent questions, including current effective methods and future possibilities.

Other panelists are Gain Changer co-founder Sean Bianco, founder Teimuraz Pataridze, and PartnerGap co-founder & CEO Viktorija Ratomskė. Brave Rave partner CEO Lasha Gogiberidze will act as the moderator.

Eugene Ravdin, MightyTips Communications and Marketing Manager: “In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, it is imperative for affiliates to constantly adapt and evolve their marketing tactics to stay ahead of the curve. I am looking forward to sharing my insights and experiences as we try to find a collective path through the online noise.”

SBC Tbilisi 2024 Summit

Innovative software providers and regional experts will gather for the 2nd edition of SBC Summit Tbilisi, considered the optimal iGaming & Sports Betting conference for the promising Eastern Europe & Central Asia regions.

Attendees will explore key markets in Eastern Europe & Central Asia, gaining insight and understanding of large-scale markets such as Georgia, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, and Slovenia to name but a few.

It’s a complex landscape, with diverse cultures and political and regulatory landscapes, making it a tricky region to thrive without local knowledge. This is why SBC Tbilisi is likely to be a much-attended conference for the years to come.


Bitblox bridges the gap between games of chance and games of skill


59 mins ago


June 20, 2024

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From nodes to NFTs there’s a lot to learn in the often intimidating world of cryptocurrency, but innovative crypto predictions games provider Bitblox is here to make testing your token knowledge a fun and rewarding experience with its all-new price-based competitions.

Conceived as a way to introduce engaging, crypto-oriented content to the masses, the unique games provided by Bitblox combine elements of both chance and skill, meaning they hold equal appeal for those with knowledge of the market and those who are totally new to cryptocurrency.

Licensed in the Isle of Man, the company is pitched at operators and aggregators and will begin rolling out its titles in regulated markets in the coming weeks. This means online betting platforms will soon be able to provide players with access to an exciting range of Bitblox games that are all based on their ability to correctly predict the value of a specific token over a set period of time.

Among the provider’s current options, operators will be able to choose from Up or Down and Up or Down Turbo – both of which challenge bettors to predict whether the value of a cryptocurrency will increase or decrease over a 60 or 20 second interval – and 3 in a Row, which enhances this concept by allowing players to combine three different outcomes for massively increased prizes.

To generate further interest among casino players who are perhaps new to cryptocurrency, Bitblox also offers BitSlap – a game which introduces fun characters to the betting experience, making it more light-hearted and creating multiple potential branding opportunities for operators.

Though all games are currently available in pool betting format, Bitblox has already announced that it intends to introduce fixed odds betting to its titles in the near future, with this enabling each operator to set their own prices. On top of that, the company is also exploring the possibility of adding both free-to-play and real money tournament versions of its existing content, with this added social aspect having huge potential to boost engagement and uptake among new players.

Brandt Page, CEO at Bitblox, said: “We know the world of cryptocurrency can often be a little daunting to the uninitiated, but with its fun and engaging price prediction games, Bitblox intends to create a new way of betting where players of all experience levels can profit.

“Combining elements of skill and luck, unique games like Up or Down provide the perfect stage for crypto aficionados to capitalise on their know-how while also offering an exciting and informative way for newcomers to learn as they play. With four titles already available and more to come in 2024, we’re sure they’ll change the way operators think about crypto-based betting.”