Coming in Hot! Hacksaw Gaming and Newgioco Toast to New Beginnings!

Coming in Hot! Hacksaw Gaming and Newgioco Toast to New Beginnings!

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Reelsoft introduces Vision Mega Jackpot: A breakthrough in progressive jackpots for Vision Link platform partners


25 mins ago


June 19, 2024

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Reelsoft, a software innovator in the iGaming industry, is thrilled to announce the launch of the Vision Mega Jackpot, an advanced progressive site jackpot designed exclusively for Vision Link platform partners. This new feature is set to change the gaming landscape by offering customisable and engaging jackpot experiences for players, while providing operators with powerful tools to enhance player retention and engagement.

The Vision Mega Jackpot offers fully configurable jackpot pools, including mini, minor, major and mega jackpots. This flexibility allows operators to tailor the jackpot to specific markets, jurisdictions, and casino environments, creating a unique, bespoke and personalised gaming experience. Players can opt-in to the jackpot with a small, fixed additional bet, gaining a boosted chance of winning without affecting their base game play.

Key features of the Vision Mega jJackpot include:

  • Multiple Jackpot Pools: operators can configure the number of jackpot pools to suit their needs.
  • Customisable Contribution and Payouts: Adjust contribution percentages and payout probabilities to fit market demands.
  • Graphics and Game Integration: Tailor the look and feel of the jackpot and choose eligible games from one or multiple providers.
  • Real-Time Updates: Players see real-time prize pool amounts and drops.
  • Random and Fair Wins: Powered by a reliable RNG system, ensuring fairness and randomness.

The Vision Mega Jackpot is an ideal solution for Vision Link partners to offer tools for enhanced player acquisition, retention and reactivation. By integrating jackpots, operators can create a more dynamic and sticky gaming environment, encouraging players to return for the exciting chance to win big.

“The Vision Mega jackpot represents our commitment to innovation and our dedication to empowering our partners with a tool kit to go out and offer the best gaming experience to players worldwide”, said Thomas Nimstad, CEO of Reelsoft. “We are confident that this new feature will be a great addition to the tools operators already are working with and provide our Vision Link partners with a significant competitive edge.”


KitKat’s Sweet Partnership with Esports World Cup Kicks Off This Summer


38 mins ago


June 19, 2024

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Nestlé’s iconic chocolate brand, KITKAT, has partnered with the Esports World Cup Foundation (“EWCF”) to support the inaugural Esports World Cup (“EWC”) this summer in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Their collaboration with the world’s largest gaming festival further integrates KITKAT into global gaming culture, combining the brand’s catchy “Have a Break” philosophy with the necessary pauses that come with gaming at all levels; Get ready to Climb. “Break”. Dominate!

By supporting the Esports World Cup, KITKAT aims to connect with competitive and casual gamers through its legendary ethos. Whether it’s a tactical pause on stage to discuss strategy, or simply a moment to reset and come back refreshed to take on what’s next, having a break is an essential aspect of the gaming experience. KITKAT and EWC view breaks as an integral part of life inside and outside the game, together aspiring to make each moment of enjoyment and rejuvenation for players and maintain a healthy approach to gaming.

“We are excited to partner with an amazing brand like KITKAT to bring a fresh energy and connection to the esports community”, said Mohammed Al Nimer, Sales Director, Esports World Cup Foundation.”This collaboration will not only enhance the experience of all visitors, but also highlight the importance of having strategic breaks for better performance. I highly encourage all fans attending the Esports World Cup to visit the KITKAT booth, have a break and enjoy some delicious KITKAT goodies!”

“This partnership enables us to connect with the next generation of gaming enthusiasts, offering them the breaks they need both in-game and in life” said Robert Helou, CEO of Nestlé KSA. “We believe we will deeply resonate with gamers by integrating our ‘Have a Break’ philosophy into the esports world. This collaboration highlights the importance of taking breaks and prioritizing mental well-being, especially in the high-stress environment of competitive gaming.”

Beginning July 3, the Esports World Cup will transform Riyadh into the epicenter of esports fandom and gaming culture. Located in Boulevard City, fans can watch their favorite athletes and clubs compete across 22 game championships for a share of more than $60 million in life-changing prize money — the largest prize pool in esports history. Across eight weeks, the Esports World Cup will also feature festival activities that include numerous gaming activations, community tournaments, pop culture celebrations, international experiences, and more. 

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In The Zone podcast breaks 1 million views with star-studded Euro 2024 campaign


41 mins ago


June 19, 2024

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Euro 2024 is in full swing, with every country having played at least one group game – but it’s not just the teams on the pitch that are off to a flying start.

Gambling Zone podcast In The Zone has smashed the one million views barrier on its overall Euro 2024 campaign – and the group stage has only just begun. 

Prior to last Friday’s big kick-off, which saw hosts Germany thrash Scotland 5-1, In The Zone live streamed its Euro 2024 Preview episode on Wednesday 12 June. 

Host Manish Bhasin was joined by football royalty in the shape of ex-England manager Glenn Hoddle, retired Germany midfielder Dietmar Hamann, and world-renowned football journalist Guillem Balague.

The panel delved into the major talking points ahead of the finals, including England’s chances of landing a major title for the first time since 1966.

The experts also ran the rule over England’s strongest competitors and revealed their predictions for eventual champions, tournament dark horses and golden boot winner.

The podcast has proven hugely popular on X, with the original live stream racking up more than 8,000 live viewers and 72,800 organic views since. Even Manish Bhasin’s live stream preview amassed 65,000 views on the platform formerly known as Twitter. 

The episode attracted an additional 25,000 views on YouTube, while bitesize shorts generated a further 13,000 in organic views on the platform. 

The figures for In The Zone’s overall Euro 2024 campaign are equally impressive, with 700,000 views on X and counting, and more than 350,000 views on Facebook.

“We are dedicated to bringing viewers top-quality content during this festival of European international football,” said Gambling Zone senior editor Michael Vella. 

“Every Euro 2024 match has offered incredible entertainment value so far, and we are determined to match that with our online video and podcast content. 

“Our Euro 2024 campaign has clearly struck a chord with viewers and listeners and we are excited to reward our loyal following as the tournament develops. 

“We are thrilled to partner with some of the biggest personalities in football and are grateful they have chosen to share their thoughts with us In The Zone.” 

The podcast, which is co-produced by Press Box PR and recorded by Twenty3, is primed to produce plenty more content as the tournament unfolds.

In The Zone launched last year as part of a collaboration between Gambling Zone and Press Box PR, with host Manish Bhasin interviewing prominent athletes and sporting celebrities. 

Press Box PR head of video Jack Watson said: “Sports fans consume hundreds of pieces of content every day and we’ve used our journalistic skills to ensure the editorial and production quality of In The Zone stands out from the crowd during Euro 2024.

“The latest viewing figures are proof that the series succeeds on multiple channels,” he added. 

Every episode of In The Zone is listened to by an average of 1.5 million people, while the Gambling Zone website receives around 100,000 visits per month.