NuxGame partners with Worldline to simplify payment solutions on its platform

NuxGame partners with Worldline to simplify payment solutions on its platform

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Can you give us a brief description of Just Slots and what it aims to do?

Of course, Just Slots is a Malta-based gaming software developer focused on crafting high-quality, engaging games that resonate both with operators and players. We recently secured a strategic €1.125 million investment from Yolo Investments, which has put us in a strong position for growth in 2024. We’re currently getting ready to launch our inaugural game, which will go live this summer and are excited to see its impact.

Our key advantage lies in our deep insight into the ecosystem’s requirements, considering both player and operator viewpoints. Our focus extends beyond just game development; we aim to design experiences that boost user involvement and increase revenue for operators. To achieve this, we emphasize scalable and efficient practices, enabling us to rapidly produce high-quality games, which are enjoyable, adaptable and tailored to the diverse demands of operators.

Ahead of your first release, how has Just Slots built its operations to achieve success?

We’ve worked hard to create an organization built around scalable and adaptable operations, which can respond dynamically to changing market conditions and evolving business needs. One of the big considerations here was to build highly efficient internal operations underpinned by modern remote working practices from launch. This undertaking will allow JustSlots to remain agile and nimble in the face of a competitive marketplace.

As a business, we really believe in the power of remote working and have looked to maximize its value across our operations. To do this, we’ve invested in robust digital tools that allow us to meet our needs, and that ensure our remote workers across the world can contribute effectively to our projects. With this technical infrastructure, we’re able to access a global talent pool and pick the best people to join our team.

What can players and operators expect from your first game release?

Without revealing too much, our debut release will encapsulate all that Just Slots represents. The game pairs classic mechanics, already familiar to players, with a modern twist to keep things fresh and exciting. Operators can anticipate a game that not only attracts players but also encourages repeat visits due to its captivating mechanics and consistent performance.

At the same time, we still devote incredible focus on ensuring players are entertained. Here, we concentrate on delivering enjoyable and varied gaming experiences that provide fresh challenges and rewards. We believe that keeping this equilibrium is crucial for fostering enduring partnerships and achieving user satisfaction.

How is the world of iGaming changing? And how does Just Slots plan on responding to these trends?

It’s evident that the industry is undergoing rapid changes. Lately, there has been a move towards more personalized gaming experiences. Players are looking for games that are not just fun but also customized to their tastes. At the same time, the use of data analytics is becoming increasingly important. A few years ago, these concepts were seen as advanced, but now, they are expected by customers, and iGaming companies must adapt to these changes.

At Just Slots, we’re committed to moving with the times, in fact, we’ve worked hard to ensure we’re ahead of the curve on these developments. From the outset, we’ve ensured we respond to these trends and utilize data to refine our game design and create significant operational efficiencies. With us, iGaming operators can feel confident they’re investing in games that are truly designed for their players.

Looking ahead, what are Just Slots’ plans for the rest of 2024 and beyond?

Our current priority is to launch our first game successfully and establish a solid base for subsequent releases. Additionally, we are actively seeking strategic partnerships and opportunities to broaden our influence in the iGaming community. We plan to participate in notable industry events, such as ICE Barcelona 2025, to display our innovations and engage with prospective partners.

In the long term, our goal is to become a prominent player in revolutionizing gaming software development through relentless innovation and a strong commitment to quality and user experience. Our team’s passion for gaming and innovation drives us every day, and we’re eager to contribute positively to the iGaming landscape. As a team, we really believe we’re on an exciting journey at Just Slots, and this is just the beginning.

For more information about Just Slots and their upcoming projects, visit Just Slots.