Optimove Expands its Leading CRM Marketing Offering to iGaming Sweepstakes Companies

Optimove Expands its Leading CRM Marketing Offering to iGaming Sweepstakes Companies


The #1 CRM Marketing Solution for iGaming and Sports Betting expands its offering to supercharge personalization, contestant loyalty, and brand growth in the rapidly growing iGaming Sweepstakes sector. Secured The Money Factory, MyPrize, and Chanced.com as clients 

Optimove, the #1 CRM Marketing Solution for the iGaming and Sports Betting sector, announced the expansion of its offering with a turnkey solution to support iGaming Sweepstakes operators. Optimove is the CRM marketing leader for Online Casinos, Sportsbooks, and Lottery. With this new offering, Optimove is announcing three new Sweepstakes clients: The Money Factory, MyPrize, and Chanced.com. 

iGaming sweepstakes companies provide platforms for online contests and giveaways, offering contestants the chance to win prizes through various games and promotions. They facilitate engaging experiences and reward players for their participation. 

Drawing on its expertise as the premier CRM Marketing Solution in the iGaming and Sports Betting industry, Optimove empowers Sweepstakes companies to enhance contestant experiences, cultivate loyalty, boost retention rates, and maximize player lifetime value through advanced AI-driven marketing campaigns that start with the player. Optimove is trusted by four out of the top five operators in the US, as per the 2024 EGR US Power Ranking. 

Optimove’s CRM Marketing Solution empowers Sweepstakes companies with key capabilities:   

  • Advanced marketing AI: Providing AI-driven Insights, Creation, and Orchestration for better contestant understanding, streamlining content creation, and optimizing hundreds of multichannel campaigns seamlessly for enhanced personalized experiences across channels and touchpoints.
  • Personalization of web and app experiences: Serving personalized content and product recommendations across all digital touchpoints with Opti-X, Optimove’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP), combining business rules with over 20 AI models.
  • Enriched customer profiles: Unifying all historical, predictive, and real-time customer data from sources such as CRM, service clouds, and data warehouses via Optimove to create a comprehensive single-contestant view.  
  • Dynamic real-time marketing: Combining sophisticated modeling and rich historical data with the speed and relevancy of real-time data to create powerful segments and swiftly respond to contestants’ actions with personalized messages in real-time across all marketing channels.
  • A continuous optimization loop: Leveraging Optimove’s productized experimentation tools to measure the incremental uplift of each campaign, journey, and strategy to continuously optimize CRM Marketing performance.

“The iGaming sweepstakes sector is experiencing unprecedented growth and heightened competition, making it essential for companies to foster contestant loyalty and deliver highly personalized experiences,” said Tomer Imber, Senior Director of Sales at Optimove. “Drawing upon our extensive experience and expertise as the leading CRM Marketing Solution in iGaming and Sports Betting, we’re excited to introduce our solution to Sweepstakes operators which will bolster how sweepstakes operators engage with contestants, driving enhanced loyalty and maximizing lifetime value. We’re honored to welcome The Money Factory, MyPrizes, and Chanced.com as our inaugural clients in this domain.” 

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