Highlight Games Limited Announces New Suite of MotoGP Games

Highlight Games Limited Announces New Suite of MotoGP Games

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We sit down with Dee Maher, CEO of La Royale Gaming Investments, to learn more about her recent appointment as CEO and how the company is set to challenge the gaming industry’s conventions.

La Royale Gaming Investments has bold plans to become a true power player and redefine industry standards. Through acquisitions and mergers, it intends to build an “ecosystem” of online and offline companies, covering both B2B and B2C. Its first play is Quanta, a unique content aggregation platform designed to leverage a high volume with a focus on delivering unparalleled value at a fair price, aiming to introduce innovative solutions for both operators and suppliers. To learn more about La Royale and its goals for the coming 12 months, we spoke with recently appointed CEO, Dee Maher.

Tell us more about your journey to being appointed as CEO of La Royale Gaming Investments.

I’ve been working in the global online gambling industry for many years now in roles covering legal and compliance leadership. Over the past 15 years, I have had the privilege to work for some of the biggest organisations in the business including the likes of Genesis Global, Betclic, Vera&John and Evolution Gaming. When I was approached about joining La Royale Gaming Investments as CEO, it was an offer that I couldn’t turn down. Recognising the company’s ambition to forge a transformative path in the gaming sector, I was compelled by the vision to lead change and drive innovation. My decision to accept was driven by a profound commitment to spearhead our mission, leveraging the remarkable talents of our team to redefine industry standards and make a lasting impact.

What are your main responsibilities and where are you looking to progress most?

I have been tasked with supervising the expansion of our investment portfolio by recognising opportunities that are aligned with our online and offline strategies. I am also overseeing the day-to-day running of Quanta, our inaugural venture, which stands out in the crowded marketplace as a game aggregation platform like no other. In terms of where we are looking to make the most progress, we plan to curate a unique ecosystem of innovative offline and online gaming companies through strategic mergers and acquisitions which combined will make La Royale Gaming Investments a real tour-de-force in the sector and one of the top tier companies with interests across both B2B and B2C.

How is La Royale Gaming Investments going to disrupt the industry? Is it taking a different approach?

La Royale Gaming Investments is poised to redefine the gaming industry with a strategy rooted in bold vision and innovation. We have built out the best team to deploy these ambitious plans and achieve our strategic goals. We are well-capitalised and have lined up our first run of acquisitions, starting with Quanta. Our approach focuses on identifying USPs within each business we engage, introducing ground-breaking offerings to the market. With Quanta, that is being the first mass-market game aggregation platform, creating value for both operators and suppliers. This is an industry where many follow the same blueprint, but we know that to pull distance from our competitors, we need to do things a little differently.

I think our biggest point of difference is that we are curating an ecosystem of innovative businesses across all areas of gambling and gaming. This includes both online and offline, and both B2B and B2C. There are not many organisations in the industry that are this broad and diverse so again this is an area where we can really stand out.

You mentioned that Quanta is the first mass-market game aggregation platform. What does it offer operators and suppliers and how is it different to other solutions in the market?

Quanta has been developed so that it can handle the largest possible volume of games from a diverse array of providers and seamlessly integrate with a vast network of operators. Due to this volume, we can offer the best commercial deals to both parties. Our scale, in collaboration with leading studios and casinos, positions us as a frontrunner in content distribution. Furthermore, we are committed to achieving certifications across all significant regulated markets. For operators, this means they can quickly and easily add games to their lobbies and for studios, it means access to the widest distribution network and thanks to our minimum reseller fee structure, we make this access available to all providers from the established titans to the rising stars.

But just to be clear, Quanta transcends the ordinary, offering not just a cost-effective solution but a sophisticated high-performance platform. The platform is state of the art, allowing for seamless integrations for both operators and suppliers while ensuring the highest standards of resilience and performance. The concept is simple – high volume, low cost – but the advanced technology and strategic foresight required to realise this vision set us apart from conventional solutions in the market.

Content provision is highly competitive so what makes you confident that Quanta will be heard above the noise being made by other providers and aggregators?

Our mass market approach is unique and is already helping us to stand out and generate significant interest from both studios and operators. In the current challenging economic landscape, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are paramount for all stakeholders. But our advantageous commission structure is not the only way we are helping here. At present, operators often have many integrations with various aggregators and directly with game providers. This is inefficient and expensive. With Quanta, operators can plug into a single platform and access all the content they need for each market they target allowing them to save significant resources or to deploy these resources elsewhere.

On the subject of the current economic climate. Is now a good time to be building a business based around M&A?

That depends on how you are approaching your M&A activity and whether an organisation is taking on debt. Timing can be crucial here – you just have to look at the likes of 888 to see how a change in the direction of the wind can have a brutal impact on the wider organisation. That said, there are always plenty of opportunities to acquire great businesses, technologies, solutions and so on, and part of my remit as CEO is to spot these and if they align with our wider approach, make a move. I think the 12 months ahead will be incredibly exciting when it comes to M&A, with some truly transformational deals taking place – something that La Royale Gaming Investments intends to be a part of.