Relum announces Thunderspin Partnership

Relum announces Thunderspin Partnership

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Over 60 speakers, coming from several countries in Europe and the world. More than 35 sessions of content. Over 30 companies involved, including partners and exhibitors. And more than 10 institutions represented, including: Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli, Coni, Agcom, Ministry of Home Affairs, Masaf (Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forests), State Police, Italian Finance Police, Europol, Interpol, as well as the Italian Government and Parliament, with a strong presence of representatives of the Senate and the House of Representatives. Foreign regulators -such as the UK Gambling Commission and the Mga, Malta Gaming Authoriry – and various international entities (such as Easg, G4, Imgl – International master of gaming law, Iagr – International association of gaming regulators, Ulis – United Lotteries for integrity in sports) must be added to them.

These are the numbers of the very first edition of IGE – Italian Gaming Expo & Conference, which we have talked about in the past and which is now preparing to go on stage, celebrating its long-awaited debut. The appointment, as is known, is on the two days of April, 18th and 19th, at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Rome, when the real excellences characterizing the Italian gaming market will gather, some of which are presented in the following pages, dedicated to the event and its actors.

Perhaps only a few, outside of those who work there, have the perception of what the gaming industry represents, as a real hotbed of talent and cradle of true excellence: especially in Italy. And lge was born for this very reason, as a new entirely ‘B2B’ event dedicated to this very particular industry in Italy. An initiative focused on content, which offers a unique opportunity to analyze the main subjects that will lead the gaming world in the coming years, to define the approach guidelines for companies that want to look to the future, to innovation, to sustainability. The event offers two days of in-depth analysis on all aspects that interest the stackholders of one of the most important gaming markets in Europe and in the world. Two days dedicated to C-levels who, together with institutions, experts, scholars, influencers, will discuss to stimulate dialogue on the main subjects that will lead the global gaming market. Right about the time in which the Government and Parliament started the reform process that will lead to the birth of a new sector, through the rewriting of the rules governing it, and the issuing of tenders for the renewal of all concessions. In fact, 2024 has already stood out as a strategic year for the sector and the event will therefore be strategic for the entire gaming ecosystem: IGE therefore looks to the future of gaming in Italy: a future that wants and must be fully sustainable. This is in fact the challenge that concerns all the stakeholders in the sector reform process. So, the event meets a double need: on the one hand, that of giving proper emphasis to a sector which, despite its indisputable capabilities and peculiarities, continues not to be considered a ‘real’ industry, while on the other offers a moment of training and information for professionals, dealing with a historic transition, between new regulations and a technological transition which in itself represents a non-trivial challenge, for everyone.

After twenty years of gradual regulation, Italian gaming has become a sector of the highest level and an innovation in the global system, to the point of being imitated by other jurisdictions. Where risks, such as that of pathological drift or illegality, are not hidden at all nor underestimated: on the contrary, they are just the basis of the daily work of the regulator but also of the industry itself, both engaged in research and not only in implementation of increasingly innovative solutions to fight against these events. “This is why Ige talks about a sustainable future: because at the heart of every development there is consumer protection and the role that technology is able to play in this sense today. All topics widely addressed in these two days”, Simona Clarizio, event manager, explains.
The event can rely on an exceptional Scientific Committee able to bring together experts, scholars and professionals internationally renowned. Like:
– Lucio Lamberti, Professor of Marketing Analytics and Analytics for Business Lab at Politecnico di Milano, coordinator of the Interdepartmental Physiology, Emotion and Experience Lab (Pheel) of the Politecnico, as well as scientific director of the Metaverse Marketing Lab and of the Automotive Experience Design Lab;
– Francesco Rodano, Chief Policy Officer Playtech and Former Online Gaming Regulator;
– Quirino Mancini, President of IMGL, Global Head of the Gaming and Gambling Practice Group and Partner of Tonucci&Partners;
– Ludovico Calvi, Honorary President United Lotteries for Integrity in Sports – ULIS;
– Gianluca Comandini, Italian entrepreneur, university professor and technology communicator expert in fintech and new media.
– Matteo Caroli, Professor of International business management – Luiss Guido Carli University.

As is known, Ige won’t be the only debut on the Italian gaming market. The first edition of the Italian Gaming Awards (IGA) will further enrich the event: a special evening to reward the excellence of Italian gaming and the best practices in the sector, in an exceptional location, full of charm, such as Spazio Novecento. Between music, entertainment, good food. And lots of networking. The votes were carried out by a jury of experts who brought together international sector professionals, scholars from different sectors and from the information world, for a total of 18 judges who selected the best realities out of a total of 86 applications received in a total of 20 categories. The award ceremony will take place during a Gala evening, which will bring IGE’s guests at the end of the first day of work. And it is interesting to note how the categories that recorded the highest number of nominations are those relating to Product Innovation and Sustainability: confirming the values and trends we were talking about before.