Apeiron Partners with TALON and United Esports To Bring Web3 Esports to Both East and West Markets

Apeiron Partners with TALON and United Esports To Bring Web3 Esports to Both East and West Markets
  • From today, Team Vitality gears up for Copenhagen, competing in both the Counter-Strike and Rocket League Majors, highlighting their commitment to ascending as the world’s best esports club.
  • World champion in both games, the French club will defend its titles with its franchise players Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut on Counter-Strike 2 and Alexis “zen” Bernier on Rocket League.
  • On site and from its premises in Paris, Team Vitality will carry out immersive experiences and exclusive meeting sessions with its players, in close collaboration with its partners.

Team Vitality, the world’s leading esport club, is set to take part in two key events on the esport calendar, both taking place simultaneously in Copenhagen. Firstly, the first Major in the history of Counter-Strike 2 at the Royal Arena. And then, the Major of the Rocket League scene at the KB Hallen Arena. Together, the French trio will attempt to regain their position as leaders on the international scene after winning the 2023 World Championships in Düsseldorf.


Team Vitality’s squad enters the first Counter Strike 2 Major, taking place at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen, with the determination to defend their title after reigning supreme at the BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023. With renewed energy, commitment and determination, the new Team Vitality era promises to be explosive. This new Major would be an opportunity for the team to achieve back-to-back Major victories, obtain a new star on their jersey, and maintain its heritage as champion of the scene.

With star player ZywOo’s contract renewal until 2026, Team Vitality gains renewed energy and commitment, heralding a new era of determination. These renewals reinforce the team’s dedication to finding and nurturing esports talent and support their competitive mission of maintaining their top position in esports. As the team’s cornerstone, ZywOo’s exceptional skills elevate Team Vitality’s competitive edge and inspire the entire organisation in its quest for excellence in esports.

“We will arrive in Copenhagen with a desire to make a good impression. For some players, this will be their first Major. For the players, arriving with the title of world champions, poses a significant challenge as they strive to live up to the expectations of being considered the best in the world. But for the team, it will be an opportunity to put our preparation to the test, evaluate if we have made the right decisions, and show our determination. Our ambition is strong, we are led by the best player in the world – ZywOo – we can only aim for the top spots.” explains Fabien ‘Neo’ Devide, co-founder and President of Team Vitality.


Reigning world champion and record-holders of the first perfect split in the history of the game, Team Vitality’s Rocket League team returns to the forefront to defend its leadership on the international scene from March 28 at the KB Hallen Arena in Copenhagen.

Made up of the crème de la crème of French players with Zen, Radosin and Alpha54, the Team Vitality team is driven by the desire to add even more titles to its list of achievements. The new coach of the roster, the former world champion FairyPeak!, will also be able to prove himself behind the screen by pushing his players to surpass themselves.

Together, the team hopes to win first place and remain the number 1 team on the French-speaking and international scene.

“RLCS Copenhagen, stands as a new competition where Team Vitality must take its stand and defend its title. This new season has been challenging, particularly in terms of player support. Currently, we find ourselves in a transitional period, where the team is still digesting their status as World Champions. This Major is an important competition, serving as a bridge towards our main objective which is to win the Worlds at the end of the year. In any case, we are going to Copenhagen with the aim to achieve.” recalls Fabien ‘Neo’ Devide, co-founder and President of Team Vitality.


Within the Royal Arena, Team Vitality will have a dedicated booth to welcome its fans and organise meet & greets with the players. This will also be an opportunity to (re)discover the V.Hive club application through a 100% winning digital experience.

To celebrate this historical moment where both of the French Club’s formidable rosters take centre stage, Team Vitality along with its official audio partner, JBL Quantum, has crafted an array of captivating experiences for its fans on the stand including:

  • Sound is Survival, step into a realm where you must rely on sound alone using the JBL Quantum 910 to navigate a Counter-Strike 2 map engulfed in smoke to defuse a bomb as quickly as possible while blindfolded. The person with the best time will be able to win a headset.
  • Sound of Legends, fans can experience 100% sound-based quiz. They will have to recognise the sounds from the Counter-Strike 2 game as quickly and precisely as possible, with the chance to win a JBL Quantum 910 headset by achieving the highest score.


Team Vitality fans who did not have the chance to travel to Copenhagen will also have the opportunity to follow their teams thanks to EVNIA and Crédit Agricole. In Paris, viewing parties will be held at V.Hive from March 21 to 31.

Finally, Team Vitality and its partner Unilever are launching a unique gourmet initiative with Ben & Jerry’s named: Major Delivery. From March 20 to 29, fans can order delicious Ben & Jerry’s ice cream with the code ‘VITALITYMAJOR’ directly from the UberEats app. Team Vitality fans will benefit from a discount and will automatically be entered into a giveaway to have the chance to win a trip to attend the second Rocket League Major.

“It is an exceptional opportunity to have these two esports events at the same time and in the same place. Particularly in a city like Copenhagen where the culture of esports is well established and respected. This is why Team Vitality and its partners have made an effort to curate experiences for our fans who have travelled there, but also for those who remain at home. I am delighted that we were able to bring our partners on board this new adventure, signalling an important step for the club, and an opportunity to cement our leadership in the international scene.” said Nicolas ‘Nico’ Maurer, co-founder CEO of Team Vitality.