Gamanza Engage Forges New Partnership with Sweepstakes Platform Sweepium

Gamanza Engage Forges New Partnership with Sweepstakes Platform Sweepium

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Ahead of the highly-anticipated Prague Gaming & TECH Summit, organizer HIPTHER is thrilled to introduce and put the spotlight on the companies and people that help make the magic happen: our conference sponsors! These innovative, accomplished professionals and teams make magic happen everyday, and they will be joining us at the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit 2024 taking place on 26-27 March, to share insights, network and collaborate with you! Get to know them, connect, and meet them in Prague!

In this Sponsors Spotlight Interview the #hipthers meet Mariela Rojas, Community Builder & Social Manager at, Delegates Bag Sponsors of the upcoming Prague Gaming & TECH Summit. Mariela will be a Speaker at the Summit, offering valuable insights at the panel about “Navigating the Future: Integrating iGaming, AI, Fintech, and Advertising with Compliance and Data Privacy”.

Dear Mariela, it is a great pleasure to meet you, and have Pixpel as a Delegate Bag Sponsor at the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit! Could you please take a moment to introduce yourself and your role in Pixpel to our readers?

Hello everyone! Thanks so much for having me. I’m Mariela Rojas, Community Builder and Social Manager at  I’m thrilled to be here, although I have to admit – this is my first time as a speaker at a Web3 summit! A little nervous, but mostly excited to be part of the conversation.  I’ve been with Pixpel since May 2023, and building our community has been an incredible journey.  Looking forward to connecting with all of you!

Can you share with us the inspiration behind the founding of Pixpel and how does its multiplatform work?

Pixpel’s story began with a real-world challenge. In 2021, our founder, Juan Vivas  fell victim to a rug pull, a common issue in the early days of Web3. This experience fueled his passion to create a more secure and trustworthy Web3 environment.

That’s why Pixpel offers a safety NFT warranty, protecting your assets and bringing peace of mind to the community.

But Pixpel goes beyond security! We’re building an entire ecosystem that’s easy to navigate and accessible to everyone.  Imagine a user-friendly platform integrating Fintech, iGaming, data privacy, and compliance – all rolled into one! It’s like having a next-generation gaming console for the Web3 world, ready to take your experience to the next level.

Pixpel is known for pioneering secure and accessible gaming experiences. How does the company ensure both security and accessibility for gamers and developers within the Web3 ecosystem?

Sure, that’s a great question. At Pixpel, we believe security and accessibility are two sides of the same coin. On the security side, we offer a first-of-its-kind NFT warranty system.  Think of it as a safety net for gamers’ in-game assets, protecting them from scams and fraud.  This builds trust and allows players to focus on enjoying the games they love.

We also prioritize building on secure and established blockchains ( Layer-1 Concordium Blockchain and Zetachain Blockchain). This leverages existing security measures that have been thoroughly tested over time.  Additionally, we implement secure transaction protocols to further minimize the risk of hacks or fraudulent activity within the platform.

On the accessibility front, we recognize that navigating Web3 can be daunting for newcomers. That’s why we’re developing a user-friendly platform that’s easy to navigate, even for those new to the world of Web3. Our application offers intuitive usability for users of all experience levels.

As the Community Builder & Social Manager at Pixpel, you play a crucial role in fostering engagement and trust within the community. Can you elaborate on your strategies for building and maintaining a strong and vibrant community around Pixpel?

Absolutely! As the Community Builder at Pixpel, even before launch, fostering engagement and trust is crucial.  Transparency and open communication are at the forefront of our strategy.  We regularly share updates on our vision for the future,  the problems we’re aiming to solve in Web3 gaming, and the exciting solutions we’re developing.  We actively seek feedback on our ideas and concepts,  listening closely to the needs and pain points of our potential community. This two-way dialogue is essential for building a product that truly resonates with the people who will use it.

Creating a welcoming and inclusive environment is also key.  We want Pixpel to be a space where everyone feels comfortable asking questions, sharing their thoughts, and being a part of something bigger.  Early on, we’re focusing on building relationships with potential users and fostering a sense of belonging.  This can involve hosting online discussions, AMAs (Ask Me Anything) sessions with the founders, or even interactive polls and surveys to gauge interest and gather valuable insights.  By engaging with potential users early and often, we’re laying the groundwork for a strong and vibrant community that’s invested in Pixpel’s success.

Could you share some insights into Pixpel’s approach to security and safety within the Web3 space, particularly in addressing the concerns surrounding DeFi platforms?

Security is paramount at Pixpel. We understand the concerns surrounding DeFi platforms, and we’re taking a multi-pronged approach to ensure a safe and reliable experience for our users within the Web3 space:

  • Focus on Established Blockchains: We’re carefully considering building on well-established blockchains with a proven track record of security. These blockchains have robust security measures in place, having been battle-tested over time.
  • Innovative NFT Warranty System: Pixpel offers a first-of-its-kind NFT warranty system. This acts as a safety net for in-game assets, potentially protecting users from scams and fraudulent activity.  It’s still under development, but the goal is to provide an additional layer of security and peace of mind for gamers.
  • Secure Transaction Protocols: We’re committed to implementing secure transaction protocols within the platform. This helps minimize the risk of hacks and fraudulent activity, further safeguarding user assets.

It’s important to note that Pixpel’s specific features and functionalities are still under development. However,  we prioritize building a secure and trustworthy environment  by leveraging established technologies and innovative solutions.  We’ll continue to adapt and evolve our approach as the Web3 landscape continues to develop.

Your background includes experience in marketing for a law firm in Mexico, which provided exposure to blockchain law. How has this prior experience influenced your role at Pixpel, especially in terms of compliance and regulations in the Web3 landscape?

Absolutely! My background in marketing for a law firm specializing in Mexico actually proved to be incredibly valuable in my transition to Pixpel.  While there, I gained significant exposure to the emerging field of blockchain law.  This gave me a foundational understanding of the legal and regulatory landscape surrounding this new technology.

At Pixpel, this knowledge comes in particularly handy when it comes to compliance and regulations within the Web3 space.  The world of Web3 is constantly evolving, and the regulatory environment is still taking shape.  However, my experience with blockchain law  allows me to stay informed about the latest developments and  potential regulatory hurdles.  This awareness helps us  proactively navigate the complexities of the space and ensure Pixpel operates with the utmost compliance.

It’s not just about following the rules – understanding the regulations also helps us  build a more trustworthy and sustainable future for Pixpel and the Web3 gaming community as a whole.

Considering Pixpel’s work, its milestones, and your experience at the forefront of compliance and blockchain law, what is the general message you wish to share in your panel discussion about “Navigating the Future: Integrating iGaming, AI, Fintech, and Advertising with Compliance and Data Privacy”, and with the Summit’s participants?

Imagine a world where secure and seamless gaming merges with the power of Fintech, iGaming, and cutting-edge AI – all wrapped in a user-friendly console for the Web3 era. That’s the future Pixpel is building! But with such innovation comes the responsibility of navigating the ever-evolving world of compliance and data privacy.

At Pixpel, my legal background keeps me at the forefront of these challenges. It’s thrilling to see how blockchain law can be a bridge, not a barrier,  as we integrate these powerful technologies.  Here’s the key takeaway I want to share: compliance isn’t a roadblock, it’s the roadmap to a thriving Web3 future.

By embracing strong compliance practices and prioritizing data privacy, we can build a secure and trustworthy ecosystem where everyone can enjoy the benefits of iGaming, AI, Fintech, and more.  This Summit is a fantastic place to explore these ideas together.  I’m excited to learn from the experts and collaborate on building a future where innovation meets responsibility in the Web3 space!

Thank you for this informative interview, Mariela! We look forward to meeting you at the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit, and hearing your valuable insights on Integrating iGaming, AI, Fintech, and Advertising with Compliance and Data Privacy.

Join us in Prague to connect with Mariela and the Pixpel Team: Get your Tickets to the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit Now!