BIG Cyber Partners with Maxxsure to Elevate Cybersecurity Offerings to The Global Gaming Industry

BIG Cyber Partners with Maxxsure to Elevate Cybersecurity Offerings to The Global Gaming Industry


Company Now Offering Maxxsure`s M-Scoreࡊ, Measuring Cyber-Risk and Enabling Companies to Make Informed Cyber Protection Decisions

BIG Cyber, a BMM Innovation Group Company dedicated to providing robust cybersecurity solutions, today announced a groundbreaking partnership with Maxxsure in a strategic move to elevate its portfolio of cybersecurity services and solutions. Maxxsure is a leading authority in risk assessment and cybersecurity solutions known for the M-Scoreࡊ, the most accurate cyber-risk rating in the market.

This collaboration, which allows BIG Cyber to offer Maxxsure`s solutions and services exclusively to the global gaming market, marks a significant milestone for both companies as they join forces to deliver unparalleled cybersecurity protection.

BIG Cyber`s Chief Executive Officer Amit Sharma said, “We are thrilled to partner with Maxxsure, a company renowned for its innovative approach to risk assessment and cybersecurity. This partnership enhances our capabilities, allowing us to deliver even more robust and tailored solutions to our clients.”

The highlight of this collaboration is the integration of Maxxsures M-Scoreࡊ service into BIG Cyber`s catalog of cybersecurity offerings. This innovative service identifies an organizationߣs current and potential cyber-risks, evaluates their preparedness and resiliency against a cyber-event, and estimates potential financial loss. The M-Scoreࡊ provides decision-makers with a quantifiable metric, offering invaluable insights to enhance cybersecurity strategies, fortify digital defenses, and secure cybersecurity insurance.

Maxxsure`s Chief Executive Officer Shawn Wiora said:”This is going to be a gamechanger for the gaming industry. Gaming companies need state-of-the-art tools to quantify their financial risk and then fortify their exposure through cyber-insurance and remediation. Together, BIG Cyber and Maxxsure are poised to set new benchmarks in cyber risk management, delivering cybersecurity solutions tailored to the global casino gaming industry.”;

Sharma added: “Through this collaboration, we hope to acquire the majority of the total addressable market for cyber-risk quantification within the next two years. The gaming industry is vulnerable following recent and well-publicized attacks on large casino operators. With this partnership, BIG Cyber and Maxxsure will help gaming companies quantify their cyber-risk down to the dollar. Once our partners receive their M-Scoreࡊ and probable maximum loss calculation, BIG Cyber will be able to help de-risk their financial exposure by transferring a portion of their risk to cyber-insurance or by implementing the latest cybersecurity technology.”;

This partnership debuts at ICE London, where BIG Cyber and Maxxsure invite casino operators, suppliers, and leaders to visit stand N3-520 and explore the cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions of this dynamic partnership.

To schedule meetings with BIG Cyber at ICE London, please email [email protected]

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