Innovative Payment Solutions Announces IPSIPay Express, a New Business Line to Broaden IPSI’s Digital Payments Services Into the Fast-Growing Online Gaming and Entertainment Sectors



Innovative Payment Solutions, a fintech provider of robust and proprietary digital payment platforms that enable transfers of money by means of convenient, cost-effective, fast, and secure systems, announced that it has entered into a new line of business called IPSIPay Express, a three-way joint venture with payment industry veterans OpenPath and eFinityPay to develop and market a proprietary consumer to merchant real-time payment platform initially focused on the fast-growing online gaming and entertainment sectors.

IPSIPay Express will provide merchants with technology for payment processing that allows for seamless, secure, and instantaneous transactions, in real-time bank-to-bank account transfers (from customer bank account to merchant bank account) at costs lower than those currently available from credit or debit card processors. The proprietary technology incorporated into IPSIPay Express will also seek to end losses due to “friendly fraud” and substantially reduce consumer chargebacks, all of which are expected to provide significant value to merchants and operators in the online gaming and entertainment sectors.

Importantly, IPSI believes that the IPSIPay Express business should be ready for launch and could begin to generate revenue for IPSI during 2023. IPSI expects to use any revenue from IPSIPay Express to fund the continuing commercialization and development efforts for its flagship IPSIPay mobile app and working capital.

OpenPath, headquartered in Irvine, California provides payment solutions to companies processing large volumes of online payments. Scott C. Dorey, OpenPath’s CEO, stated: “We are very pleased to partner with IPSI and eFinityPay in this promising new venture. We believe the innovative payment technology that will be at the core of IPSIPay Express will be a game changer for merchants operating in so-called “high-risk” industries like online gaming and entertainment. The IPSIPay Express account-to-account solution is in high demand by those merchants as it dramatically reduces chargebacks, processing costs and funding time for merchants. We look forward to launching IPSIPay Express to merchants on the OpenPath platform.”

eFinityPay, founded by CEO Franklin Levy and based in Los Angeles, California, specializes in delivering stable merchant processing solutions to e-commerce merchants in the online casino, sportsbook, entertainment, and video gaming businesses.

As part of the joint venture, OpenPath will market IPSIPay Express to its existing and future merchant customers; eFinityPay will be responsible for developing and incorporating the online payment technology into IPSIPay Express as well as marketing to its substantial network or merchants in the targeted fields; and IPSI will be responsible for providing banking contacts to IPSIPay Express as well as potential access to new capital to support the IPSIPay Express business. IPSI is eligible to receive up to one-third interest in IPSIPay Express by contributing up to $1.5 million of capital to the joint venture by the end of this year.

William Corbett, IPSI’s Chairman and CEO, commented: “We are excited by the new opportunities IPSIPay Express will provide for us. We believe this joint venture has the potential to diversify our revenue channels and provide payment solutions to an online gaming and entertainment segment that is growing and generating tens of billions of dollars in revenue annually. The IPSIPay Express alternative payment platform, combined with OpenPath and eFinityPay’s considerable experience and relationships with the biggest merchants in the gaming and entertainment industries, should help drive growth at IPSIPay Express. In addition, IPSIPay Express will provide a simple, secure, and easy to use payment experience. We anticipate this will enable the Joint Venture to gain wide acceptance by online merchants and their customers. This new venture with experienced partners, will expedite our path to revenue, and allow us to drive the continuing launch and development of our flagship IPSIPay app.”

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