PA Betting Services has teamed up with No House Advantage to provide premium Formula 1 content



PA Betting Services (PABS) has announced a new multi-year partnership with No House Advantage, a Miami-based fantasy sports brand, to provide premium Formula 1 content to their platform.

As part of the new agreement, No House Advantage will receive real-time Formula 1 data, including fixtures, results, lap-by-lap updates, driver profiles, championship standings and other vital statistics.

The partnership with No House Advantage highlights the extensive range of sports data available through PA Betting Services. This new partnership is a significant milestone for PA Betting Services, demonstrating their ability to offer a broad range of sports data and services to meet the needs of their clients. PA Betting Services is committed to providing the most comprehensive and up-to-date information for sports enthusiasts, and this partnership with No House Advantage is just one example of their dedication to this goal.

Both PA Betting Services and No House Advantage are looking forward to a successful and mutually beneficial partnership over the coming years, bringing the best of Formula 1 to fantasy sports fans.

Danny Speck, Business Development Executive said “We’re really excited to help power No House Advantage’s fantasy sports platform and add Formula 1 content to their growing list of sports on offer. It’s great to add another brand to the long list of clients who receive PA Betting Services’ sport data. I am looking forward to seeing our partnership with No House Advantage develop and see them grow their product even further.”

Kevin Koeppel, Founder & CEO said “We are delighted to have signed a multi-year agreement with PA Betting Services’, taking advantage of their premium Formula 1 content. PABS made the on-boarding and integration process for their service seamless, we look forward to working with them closely as we develop our platform further”.

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