Casino Guru Teams Up with Mindway AI for Safer Gambling Week

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Casino Guru, the largest database of online casinos and a respected gambling authority, has recently joined forces with Mindway AI, a leading Responsible Gambling solution provider and spin out of Aarhus University with 10+ years of research in neuroscience and problem gambling, to celebrate the Safer Gambling Week by giving players a chance to test their gambling style for free.

By completing a self-test cleverly disguised as a simple card game, players will be able to assess the riskiness of their play and gain access to a deep analysis of their gambling behavior, all with detailed feedback on their strategy and sensitivity to rewards, losses, and frequency of wins. What’s more, players will receive a personalized report, which includes advice tailored specifically to the player – all based on their behavior during the game.

When asked about how the collaboration came to fruition, Casino Guru’s Sustainable and Safer Gambling Lead Simon Vincze was enthusiastic to share the answer:

“Mindway AI are experts in what they do. I believe we have a real potential to help many individuals here, and I’m very grateful to Mindway AI for understanding that and supporting our idea. Knowledge is power, and the more information players have about their gambling patterns and tendencies, the better they can manage their play to avoid undesirable outcomes. Casino Guru is always looking for new ways to make gambling better and safer for everyone, and the fact that we are able to educate them in a fun way makes me very optimistic about the impact this collaboration can have,” Vincze explains. 

Using the principles of neuroscience and psychology along with an in-built software, Gamalyze – the card game in question – analyzes the decision-making process of an individual and provides individualized feedback for each participant. The game can be easily accessed through a widget on Casino Guru’s website, which is hard to miss, so all visitors will have a chance to participate.

“At Mindway AI, we believe that enhanced player protection should be a matter of joining forces and collaborating between different types of industry players rather than a matter of competition on RG initiatives. We’re glad to collaborate with Casino Guru by adding our Gamalyze solution to their website, as it gives us the opportunity to reach a large number of players to offer insights of how they make decisions as they engage in gambling. We’re also able to promote our solution to other gambling operators and to share our mission to empower gambling operators to enhance player protection to the industry,” says Rasmus Kjaergaard, CEO at Mindway AI.

Although the Safer Gambling Week, a cross-industry initiative aimed at raising awareness about the benefits of safer gambling, officially runs from 17th to 23rd of October only, Casino Guru’s visitors can enjoy the benefit of being able to test themselves by playing the game for free until the end of October. 

Both companies aim to bring the notion of safer gambling to the forefront of players’ minds once again, and this collaboration allows them to do so in a very creative and fun way. 

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