Archblock welcomes END-Labs to TrueFi as Its Newest Portfolio Manager



Archblock, the core team behind leading DeFi credit protocol TrueFi, bridging traditional finance (TradFi) with the DeFi infrastructure, announces the onboarding of END-Labs as a portfolio manager on the protocol. TrueFi’s Capital Markets allows nearly any portfolio manager to launch financial products on TrueFi with global reach from day one. By using TrueFi’s infrastructure, END-Labs gains access to a vast pool of borrowers and lenders, as well as Archblock’s suite of services to help institutions adapt to and participate in DeFi.

Archblock welcomes END Capital, the in-house capital markets team for END-Labs, an early-stage company focused on applying blockchain to various aspects of the traditional finance services industry, as a financial partner, leveraging TrueFi’s unique unsecured lending protocol. END Capital opens access to real-world assets for DeFi investors and lenders, and alternative sources of funding capital for fiat-native fintech asset originators. By focusing on real-world assets instead of volatile crypto assets amid a bear market, END Capital is able to provide its clients with real-world productive GDP loans using DeFi, while providing DeFi investors access to protected and closely managed credit exposures.

As a new portfolio manager utilizing TrueFi portfolios, END Capital plans to grow its GigPool platform, which focuses on providing funding capital for fintech lenders servicing borrowers in the gig economy. The TrueFi pool will utilize senior leverage that the GigPool obtains through the Centrifuge platform for a levered senior return. END-Labs’s robust pipeline of asset originators would require additional capital capacity, as well as provide diversification of a range of different capital providers facing the GigPool platform.

At its onset, the TrueFi protocol only served crypto-native hedge funds, but beginning earlier this year it began bringing the speed, cost savings, and accessibility of blockchain to all types of lending. Archblock and TrueFi make designing, launching, and funding new investment opportunities simple by easing access to DeFi services for TradFi, while also lowering costs and growing the total accessible markets for TradFi funds.

TrueFi, as the leading unsecured DeFi lending marketplace, provides an ever-growing community of DeFi lenders while Archblock enables a suite of technical, financial, and operational services for portfolio managers using the TrueFi protocol, which allows them to invest their time and resources on acting as the most effective capital allocators.

“We’re excited to welcome END-Labs to TrueFi infrastructure,” says Ryan Christensen, CEO of Archblock. “The team has proven its expertise in creating innovative financial products at the intersection of DeFi and real-world lending, and we see GigPool as a unique and valuable offering we’re glad to see offered to TrueFi’s community of lenders.”

“We look forward to the launching of this, the first of numerous expected pools on the TrueFi platform. Both END-Labs and Archblock are like-minded with regard to the future of real world asset financing utilizing DeFi protocols and we’re excited to continue that development together,” said Edward Wu, Managing Director of END Capital.

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