First-Ever BioMech Clinical Motion Lab Opens in Atlanta to Accelerate Traumatically Injured Patients’ Recovery using AI-driven Motion Science Technology in Clinic and at Home



BioMech Health, LLC, a division of BioMech Holdings, LLC, announced that Atlanta-based Independent Neurodiagnostic Clinic (INC) and BioMech have partnered to deliver state-of-the-art clinical motion analytics to advance patient treatment. The groundbreaking motion lab allows physicians to quantitatively measure and monitor patients’ pre-and post-treatment function to determine appropriate treatment and assess progress to improve recovery. The system also provides real-time biofeedback to assist recovery, anytime, anywhere.

The BioMech Clinical Motion Lab located at the Palisades at West Paces in Atlanta, Georgia, provides access to critical services such as neurology, neuropsychiatry, speech pathology, physiatry, and orthopaedics/spine. This multispecialty motion lab is focused on helping patients by restoring function during the treatment process. The centralized laboratory will be available to clinicians in the surrounding area.

The ability to evaluate sudden or gradual changes in movement can be vital to the early diagnoses, treatments, and management of traumatic injuries. INC uses BioMech’s advanced technological platform, BioMech Lab, driven by its artificial intelligence and machine learning platform,, to make it possible to use motion as a functional biomarker and endpoint for many treatments. The system instantly captures and streams three-dimensional motion data from single or multiple sensors with wireless, noninvasive, self-calibrating technology.

“Our technology’s capability to monitor a patient’s function in office and then at the patient’s home over a period of time is a catalyst for change in healthcare – signifying cost savings for patients and payers,” says Carter Brown, CEO, BioMech Health. “Because BioMech Lab can set baselines in the office and then monitor a patient’s progress at home, physicians can actively ascertain patient progress without having to incur the inconvenience and costs of an office visit.”

“INC and BioMech are partnering to optimize the best of ‘Classical Old School Medicine’ by combining it with state-of-the-art quantitative medical technology to produce measurable outcomes,” said L.D. Empting MD., Director, Independent Neurodiagnostic Clinic. “The BioMech Clinical Motion Lab helps us do that by providing the tools, visualizations and data needed to reprogram neural pathways and eliminate maladaptive motion patterns that inhibit achieving fuller functional recoveries.

Critically Injured Patient Finds Vast Improvement in Functionality with BioMech Lab Systems

Robert, a professional commercial vehicle driver and former military personnel, became an INC patient after a serious fall left him with post-concussion syndrome, affecting his memory, cognitive function, and personality. The impact also injured his top vertebrae and the ligaments that control the skull, causing severe balance issues. In addition to a multi-treatment approach including hyperbaric oxygen and specialized chiropractic, Robert has been using the BioMech Lab system in the Clinical Motion Lab and at home to help regain functionality.

“What I like is that the BioMech system is able to show me immediately whether or not I’ve improved or even if I have gone backwards or stayed the same,” says Robert. “I’ve been operated on so many times and I’ve been through so much physical therapy. Watching myself balance on screen makes it easier to understand and know what to do. Now that I am at a point where I am also practicing at home, alone, the BioMech system really helps mentally because you can look at the numbers and suddenly you’ve got tangible proof that you’re getting better.”

A key to Robert’s returning gait and balance functionality is BioMech’s powerful biofeedback function. “The interactive biofeedback brings an element of functional medicine and gamification to recovery, which is a powerful motivator for individuals like Robert who respond best to visual cues,” said BioMech Founder Dr. Frank Fornari. “It is a key differentiator of the BioMech system, and why the BioMech Clinical Lab should be part of every neurology, orthopaedic and physiatry clinic.”

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