Company Will Also Showcase Punch N’ Play Products at North American Association of State & Provincial Lotteries 2023 Conference October 30-November 2

Scientific Games announces that three North American lotteries are offering its latest instant scratch game innovation, Punch N’ Play. A patented game enhancement unique to standard one-sided scratch game play, Punch N’ Play is a folded card that begins with an intuitive, coordinates play action, then incorporates perforated holes for more chances for the player to win. The concept is a first for the global lottery industry.

The Louisiana Lottery launched the USD$5 New Orleans Saints games in August, followed by Loto-Québec’s launch of the sports-themed CAN$5 Le billet game in September, and Atlantic Lottery’s upcoming launch of the wintery CAN$3 Winning Snowballs game in November. All three launches feature the excitement of the Punch N’ Play experience.

“The Louisiana Lottery is always on the lookout for innovative ways to enhance the gaming experience for our players,” said Louisiana Lottery President Rose Hudson. “We thought Punch N’ Play was truly a unique concept and saw it as a perfect match for this year’s New Orleans Saints-branded game and are proud to be the first lottery to offer it to players.”

Punch N’ Play products are the newest game enhancement from innovation teams at Scientific Games and part of the company’s highly innovative portfolio of Strategic Product Enhancements featuring exciting inks, finishes, play styles and one-of-a-kind combinations that sizzle at retail, entertain existing players and attract lottery newcomers.

Punch N’ Play scratch tickets offer a whole new gaming experience for players. When Scientific Games showed us our ticket design, we found it truly innovative. Le billet sports from Loto-Québec features holes that players can punch and makes them feel like they’re at the heart of the sporting action—whether that’s soccer, baseball or football,” said Catherine Dumont, Senior Product Manager for Loto-Québec.

With Punch N’ Play, players scratch coordinates and mark the corresponding play spots on the grid to match three symbols. The opportunity to win continues as the players fold the ticket, punch out the perforated holes, and scratch for more prizes.

“Atlantic Lottery is always on the lookout for new products to ensure there’s something new and exciting for all of our players. These Punch N’ Play games offer our players a unique twist on a traditional product they know and enjoy, making them an excellent addition to our Scratch’N Win portfolio,” said Michael MacKinnon, VP of Product for Atlantic Lottery.

Scientific Games’ debut of Punch N’ Play comes just prior to the North American Association of State & Provincial Lotteries 2023 Conference to be held October 30-November 2 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where games will be showcased along with the company’s full portfolio of Strategic Product Enhancements.

“Building an instant game portfolio that responsibly maximizes profit for lottery beneficiaries is truly a balance of art and science. At Scientific Games, data helps strike that balance. The play experience at every price point, playstyle and product enhancement in the portfolio should be strategically planned to entertain players and deliver sales performance,” said Danielle Hodges, Director of Global Product Innovation & Development for Scientific Games.

With products representing 70% of instant scratch game retail sales globally, Scientific Games is the world’s largest instant games creator, producer and services provider in the world. The company supplies games, technologies, analytics and services to 130 lotteries in 50 countries around the globe, including nearly every North American lottery.

Punch N’ Play is a trademark of Scientific Games, LLC.  © 2023 Scientific Games, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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